Dr Jekyll And Mr Hyde Setting Analysis

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Title: Explore the importance of settings in Strange Case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde. Robert Louis Stevenson’s Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde is set amongst the ominous and unsettling streets of Victorian London in the 19th century, which creates a chilling setting in the novel. The importance of setting is that it reflects most of the major themes of the novel like the duality of man, mystery, and good versus evil. Stevenson uses a lot of realistic and imaginative description to set up the mood and atmosphere. Gothic seems to be also one of the major themes in the novel which tend to interlink with secrets like Dr. Jekyll’s connection to Mr. Hyde. Settings like the mysterious empty London helps to create the effect of darkness and evil…show more content…
His appearance was just like the door “blistered” and “distained” as this diction symbolizes Hyde’s character has a sense of ambiguity of being disliked by others or discoloured. Here, the door symbolizes the gateway to the more evil world; it is the access point for violence and unpleasantness feelings. For example, the door was not equipped with “neither bell nor knocker” means that they weren’t expecting any visitors, which portrays the secretive world behind the door. With this, the setting of the door is being highlighted as the gateway to the dark elements of the human soul metaphorically. In fact, the door creates a distinction between what lies beyond the door and the truth of what happened to Dr. Jekyll in this lab. This also links to the name of Hyde which is pronounced as “hide” here it gives the impression to the reader of the secretive nature of Dr. Jekyll. However, the knocking down of the door later in the novel puts an end between the two contrasting worlds. With this, it reveals to the reader about the truth of the character Jekyll and Hyde. Therefore the settings play a major role in stirring up the characters in the novel and foreshadows sinful elements further in the
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