Dr. Jekyll And Mr. Hydes Summary

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Mr.Utterson found a body on the road and then he ran to the cops. Well the guy died in front of Mr.Hydes house. So the cops stopped and asked do you know anything about Danvers Carew’s death. He said no and the cop handed him a note that came from Danvers Carew’s hand. Mr.Hydes knew where it came from. He went to Dr.Jekylls he asked him did you write this note and he said no. Mr.Hydes knew he was lying and he told him. He said I didn’t write that note. So Mr.Hydes said it haves your name on it. So he said someone else put my name on it. I think Dr.Jekylls and Mr.hyde are totally different. They are different because one lies and the other keeps things to himself. Also Dr.Jekylls gets upset over saying a
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