Dr Jekyll And Mr Utteron Analysis

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Dr. Jekyll is a well established man in the high social class of Victorian England, where high social status is extremely important and a lot of pressure is put on people to behave properly. Dr. Jekyll has felt the need to act out since a young age and as an adult has used his intelligence to secretly create a potion which allows him to commit heinous and destructive crimes. He commits these crimes through another person besides himself because he does not want to ruin his own reputation. Mr. Utterson has concerns about Dr. Jekyll’s recent behavior and worries about the well being of his friend. He dedicates his time, with the help of his two friends, Mr. Enfield and Dr. Lanyon, to solving the mystery of the relationship between Dr. Jekyll…show more content…
Utterson as he attempts to find out what Mr. Hyde is up to and what his hold on Dr. Jekyll is. It is a mystery why a highly esteemed member of society such as Henry Jekyll would in any way be in association with a lowlife like Mr. Hyde. Dr. Jekyll’s behavior starts to change as he seemingly begins to shut out his good friends, like Mr. Utterson, Mr. Enfield, and Dr. Lanyon. In a desperate attempt to save Jekyll from the grasp that Mr. Hyde has placed on him, Utterson takes it upon himself to become involved in this mystery and therefore witnesses some peculiar events. One day at the window, Utterson sees Jekyll, and in mid conversation Jekyll quickly contorts his face in terror and anguish, running from the window. Mr. Utterson is not the only one of Jekyll’s companions who has witnessed him in this similar terror. “For there before my eyes—pale and shaken, and half fainting, and groping before him with his hands, like a man restored from death—there stood Henry Jekyll” (Stevenson 41). Dr. Lanyon saw Mr. Hyde turn into Dr. Jekyll right before his eyes, as all of the mystery and suspense in this novel had been leading up to the final point when the reader discovers that Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde are the same person. It was as if Dr. Jekyll had risen from the dead when he transformed back into his better self from the evil Mr. Hyde. The horrors of this discovery are so shocking to Dr. Lanyon that he dies soon after as he could not live knowing this
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