Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde Essay

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Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde Essay In Robert Louis Stevenson’s, Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, Dr. Jekyll’s struggle between two personalities is the cause of tragedy and violence. Dr. Jekyll takes his friends loyalty and unknowingly abuses it. In this novella, Stevenson shows attributes of loyalty, how friendship contributes to loyalty, and how his own life affected his writing on loyalty. Stevenson expresses loyalty in many ways. For example, he establishes the friendship between Mr. Utterson, Dr. Jekyll, and Dr. Lanyon. In a good friendship, there is always loyalty, or at least should be. Dr. Jekyll depends on the loyalty of his friends. He has Dr. Lanyon bring him ingredients from his lab so he can change back into himself as Dr. Jekyll.…show more content…
Through Dr. Jekyll’s experience, he depends almost wholly on the loyalty of his friends. Many people look at Dr. Jekyll and see a good and honest man, and they appreciated that. So, in other words, Dr. Jekyll had set a good reputation for himself, and he had an obligation to uphold it. However, his good reputation could easily be destroyed in a matter of seconds, if anyone found out his secret. Dr. Jekyll’s alter ego, or other personality is the complete opposite of himself. Mr. Hyde shows a side of Dr. Jekyll that many people would not think possible. Only a few people had met Mr. Hyde, and those who did noticed something was off, but could not quite place it. “He was small, as I have said; I was struck besides with the shocking expression of his face, with his remarkable combination of great muscular activity and great apparent debility of constitution, and—last but not least—with the odd, subjective disturbance caused by his neighbourhood” (Stevenson 64). With this description of Mr. Hyde, it’s obvious why Dr. Jekyll feared that if his secret got out, it could ruin his reputation. Through looking at the novella closely, loyalty both helped prevent and expedite violence and tragedy. Dr. Jekyll’s friends loyalty prevented them from getting hurt for only a little amount of time, for they would soon find out the truth. Loyalty also played a big part in expediting violence and tragedy in so many ways. Mr. Utterson and Dr. Lanyon would do anything for their dear

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