Dr. Jenny Crisp 's English 98 Class

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I observed Dr. Jenny Crisp’s English 98 class on January 19, 2016. The class began at 12:15 PM and lasted until 1:20 PM. The room that the class met in was on the third floor of the Liberal Arts building, and the room had individual computers for each of the students to work on. The class was divided into two sections on this day because Dr. Crisp had scheduled an introductory visit to the writing lab, which began at 12:45. Prior to the visit to the writing lab, Dr. Crisp guided the class in a discussion on the topic of revision in regards to the first paper that the class had submitted. The stages of revision were discussed and the students were shown where additional help could be found within the book. Dr. Crisp told the students that the reason that their grades on the essays were significantly lower was because the essays were lacking in detail and had Type One errors. She stated that revision is important and that could help bring up the grades on the essays. The students had mixed reactions regarding the subject of revision. Some of the students engaged with Dr. Crisp and began asking questions about how she graded their papers in order to better understand what she was looking for within the essay. The majority of the students in the class were more concerned with Facebook and other programs on their computers than in getting assistance on interpreting the grades received. Dr. Crisp struggled to bring those students into the discussion. Within the
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