Dr. Jim Yong Kim

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In 1987, while still in medical school, Dr. Paul Farmer along with Dr. Jim Yong Kim, Ophelia Dahl, Thomas White and Todd McCormack founded Partners in Health (PIH).1 Since its meager beginnings, PIH has evolved to serve some 2.5 Million people throughout ten different countries.2 However, throughout the organizations grand transformation from a makeshift clinic in Haiti to one of the leading players in global health relief and development, Partners in Health have remained true to their mission to provide advance medical treatment for those most in need through strategic partnerships. 3 Growing up Paul Farmer was surrounded by poverty and a fair amount of everyday difficulty.4 Rather than being limited by his childhood circumstance, Farmer thrived and earned a full scholarship to Duke University, where he became enthralled with learning more about the country of Haiti. Following graduation, Farmer went to Haiti to better understand the culture of the country he had become so interested in. While working at an eye clinic he met future co-founder of Partners in Health Ophelia Dahl.4 During his search of the country of Haiti, Farmer became convinced that something needed to be done about the lack of health care being provided to the poor.4 Upon visiting Cange, Farmer decided that was where he would like to start a clinic for those most in need. In 1984, Farmer started medical school at Harvard, but rather than spending most of his time at school like normal students do,
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