Dr. Johnson And The Equity Training Essay

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In her school, Dr. Johnson made known how her work towards equity has been to use professional development with her teachers to challenge deficit thinking of her black students. Dr. Johnson states that part of the equity training involves, making “sure that we are not looking down, especially on our black males, that this is how they are and they are never going to get better.” Dr. Johnson has engaged in Courageous Conversations about Race (Singleton & Linton, 2006) with her staff. The following details the demand engaging in race dialogue in schools. Osly: How difficult has it been . . . as a leader of color in having these discussions of race with your staff? Dr. Johnson: it’s been very intense because people cry . . . have the conversations about race and what we see and how we talk to kids. Why would you say that to that particular child? You got to analyze it and hold each other accountable. Here, Dr. Johnson demonstrates her commitment to engage in the difficult talk about race. A central tenet of CRT is to understand that race and racism is endemic. All three participants revealed how the vestiges of race and racism permeate throughout a school culture. Moreover, through a commitment toward social justice, all three participants in their own way confronted issues of race and racism. Capper (2016) sums up CRT in school leadership with the following statement, “CRT in educational leadership literature calls on leaders to acknowledge the pervasiveness of racism
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