Dr. Kathleen Young 's Words

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In a society plagued by misogynistic and sexist overtones and beliefs, many have fabricated preconceived ideas on the right and wrong ways a person should act depending on a socially constructed gender. In Dr. Kathleen Young’s words, “Our culture over-values men and masculinity and devalues women and femininity in ways that are destructive for us all” (“Tough Guise”). This is the story of Jax, a fictitious character whose life is used to outline the hypermasculinity and sexist ideals pressured onto boys and young men by society and the effects of these pressures on them. Note that the reactions and end result may be stressed for dramatization, but are not wholly unrealistic outcomes. Real men… The lessons were drilled into Jax over and over by his authoritative father. Fairly tall, with wide shoulders and an everlasting look of disapproval and disappointment in his eyes, Jax’s father is a very stringent and stiff man. Even after 17 years with him, Jax cannot remember his father ever showing him any love or affection beyond a pat on the back or a handshake. His father was not an affectionate man. That is just the way he always has been. Unlike his father in every conceivable way, Jax’s mother was a compassionate, benevolent, and mawkish woman who showered her children in love and admiration. Jax is not certain how his parents came to be together in spite of their vast differences. Nevertheless, they loved one another. Jax’s mother had a calming effect on his father when she…

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