Dr. Kathleen Young 's Words

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In a society plagued by misogynistic and sexist overtones and beliefs, many have fabricated preconceived ideas on the right and wrong ways a person should act depending on a socially constructed gender. In Dr. Kathleen Young’s words, “Our culture over-values men and masculinity and devalues women and femininity in ways that are destructive for us all” (“Tough Guise”). This is the story of Jax, a fictitious character whose life is used to outline the hypermasculinity and sexist ideals pressured onto boys and young men by society and the effects of these pressures on them. Note that the reactions and end result may be stressed for dramatization, but are not wholly unrealistic outcomes. Real men… The lessons were drilled into Jax over and…show more content…
She soothed his anger and smoothed out his worries and impatience. Through their reciprocated love and veneration for each other, Jax and his older sister, Sarah, were born. While Sarah was daddy’s little princess, Jax could never seem to do anything well enough to please his father or make his father proud of him. Through Jax’s adolescence, his father inadvertently taught him many lessons that would follow him like an imperious shadow. Jax ran from the classroom as fast as he could, which was admittedly not very fast, sliding on the cool, marble hallway. He shoved the double doors of the school entrance open simultaneously and spilled out onto the front lawn. Ripping the paper that is taped to his back off, he pushes on, dashing across the yard and did not stop to notice the paper reading Fag drift to the ground. Tears spill unwillingly from his eyes as he shoves open his front door, knowing no one should be home to stop him. He flings his backpack off, spilling books on trigonometry and physics to the floor. The lessons began at his mother’s funeral when he was nine. Real men don’t cry. As he stood over his mother’s casket, tears glistening on his eyelashes, he pleaded with them to remain there, prayed that his father would not notice his weakness in this moment. Standing above his mother, he realized how, if he ignored the preacher and his surroundings, he could pretend she was merely sleeping, blissfully dreaming. At his side, his sister sniffled while
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