Dr. Kay 's Cognitive Ability And Illness 's Prognosis

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According to the literature analyzed, the most effective therapy depends on Mrs. Kay’s cognitive ability and illness’s prognosis. Therefore, the social worker believes that CBT would be the best form of therapy her. In hopes to analyze and relate Mrs. Kay’s current state to both therapies, the social worker will begin analyzing ego psychology.
Ego psychology in the form of life review or reminiscence project would be beneficial, if her ego was better developed at the time. This would allow her the opportunity to reflect on her life and all of love that she experienced, which would lead to an increase in self-esteem and integrity (Afonso, Bueno, Loureiro, & Pereia, 2011). The researchers pointed out that a person with well-developed ego would benefit the most from these interventions. To gain a better understanding of her experience with the disease, the social worker reviewed Albuquerque et al.’s research that involved patients with the same medical diagnoses and age range as Mrs. Kay, COPD diagnoses and ages 65 and older. The study produced reports showing an increase in depressive and anxiety symptoms among patients with COPD compared to those without COPD. The researchers hypothesized that the personality traits of a person with COPD was different from other healthy patients, in which they were generally more nervous and/or tend to adopt immature defense mechanisms. Many COPD patients resort to denial as form of defense upon receiving the initial diagnoses and struggle
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