Dr. Kelekian 's Speech

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Compassion is a powerful humane trait to understand the suffering of others and which every healthcare professional must possess. In the beginning of the movie, Dr. Kelekian’s tone is devoid of any expression of empathy or intuition of what an announcement of having last stage ovarian cancer may mean to Vivian. He makes it a point to be detailed first, and then somewhat compassionate. He could have been more sympathetic and asked her to sit down before informing her of the condition. He is also more interested in his research and without much explanation hands over the consent letter to Vivian, not bothered of how she feels or if she has accepted her situation. Furthermore, without thinking of the Vivian’s emotion, Dr. Kelekian strongly urges Vivian to "keep pushing the fluids," not for the sake of her treatment but for the benefit of the research. He says, "You 're doing swell. Isolation is no problem. Couple of days. Think of it as a vacation,” as if she were a human machine. The physical examination conducted by Doctor Jason on Professor Vivian Bearing, while he expresses fascination to find the mass of cancer which will help him in the research and his reluctance to inform her about his findings, is unprofessional. He is enthralled by the molecular mechanism and metastasis of cancer cells, but is repulsed by a patient’s behavior and their sentiments. I found it revolting that he had to be reminded of appropriate bedside manner, without which, he would see only a…

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