Dr. Kim's Paxaflor An Ethical Dilemma

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Another point to Dr. Kim not prescribing Paxaflora to his patient’s like Alex is due to the fact that it goes against the common good of everyone involved. The common good approach focuses more on little sacrifices being made in society, so that everyone can have the same benefits and opportunities. Dr. Kim is challenged with the moral dilemma of whether or not to prescribe his patient Paxaflora, because it will help him, and it will also please the pharmaceutical company. However, Dr. Kim would be doing the right thing by not prescribing his patient the drug, because there are many possible side effects that can harm his patient, and the only people that would be benefitting from that are the pharmaceutical company, because they’re the one’s…show more content…
A majority of the burden is on them, due to the fact that Alex could possibly lose his life if something went wrong. There is also a big burden on Dr. Kim, because he is liable if something goes wrong with Alex’s treatment. Also, he would have to deal with the emotional trauma of not being able to help his patient. The third party involved, the pharmaceutical company, does not face any of the burden of this situation. The worst-case scenario for them is that they do not profit from the drug. If something went horribly wrong for Alex or Dr. Kim, they would not have to deal with it. Knowing that they do not have to keep all of these factors in mind, because there is only one way that their goal could not be met, it is unfair to assume that the reps at the pharmaceutical company can objectively consider all of the possibilities for prescribing the drug. Knowing this, it is only right for Dr. Kim to keep the pharmaceutical company’s needs and wants completely out of the equation when he makes his decision. According to the Ethics Unwrapped video about choice, there are factors that make it easier for us to make ethical…show more content…
Kim will be known as a hero who saved a child’s life, but will be always known to give in to a bribe. On the other hand, if he gives the drug with negative effects he will be known to let his incentives get in the way of his work, which is not professional. If Dr. Kim does not issue the drug when it could have saved the child’s life, he is still responsible for telling the parents why he did not prescribe the drug and why the side effect health risks could have made the situation worse. Time is a pressing issue in this case and if Dr. Kim does not have sufficient time to research this particular medication then he needs to make a decision. He needs to make that decision regarding his personal virtues of honesty and integrity. If he is honest about how the bribes make him uncomfortable and he approaches the company and the parents, he gains integrity and courage, which are two crucial characteristic traits that doctors
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