Dr. King And Her Nursing Process Theory

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This theory analysis paper is based on the work of Mrs. Imogene M. King and her Nursing Process Theory. It will show an overview of the model related to person, environment, health and nursing. The paper will also discuss the model and how it relates to the nursing practice. Finally the strengths and limitations will be discussed. Goal Attainment Theory Imogene King developed her nursing theory on the basis that the nurse and the patient, “work together to achieve the goals in the continuous adjustments to stressors”. Dr. King received her master’s degree in science in nursing from St. Louis University in 1957. She was a professor at the University of South Florida. Dr. King’s nursing theory is based on three levels of systems: individual or personal, group or interpersonal and society or social. Dr. King was inducted in the American Nurses Association’s Hall of Fame and the Florida Nurses Association Hall of Fame. She died at the age of 84 on December 24, 2007. Analysis of Model Dr. Imogene M. King theory states that, “the nurse and the patient work together to achieve the goals in the continuous adjustment to stressors.” The model focuses on the patient and the nurse. King believes that perceptions of the nurse and client influence the interaction process and that individuals have a right to knowledge about themselves. She specifies individuals as social, sentient, rational and reacting human beings who are controlling, purposeful, and action oriented. Dr. King

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