Dr. King 's Speech

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In 1963, Dr. Martin Luther King Junior delivered a speech on civil rights in the midst of segregated America. Dr. King begins by recounting the historical events surrounding the enslavement of African Americans, which effectively paves the way for his discussion on current events. He states that the African American is still ‘not free’ because of the unequal rights/status given to them. Dr. King instructs the followers of the movement to proceed peacefully. He also contends with those oppose to the movement by letting them know that until equal rights are given, the movement will continue. Dr. King’s speech is a persuasive one geared towards fanning the flame of passion in those already aligned with the movement and attempting to entice those who are not.
It is during the time that civil rights are being called into question that Dr. King chooses to speak on the issues of the moment. He often calls the lack of civil rights both injustice and a lack of freedom. The overall purpose is clear: equality for everyone. The topic is not only appropriate for his audience, but inclusive for almost all audience members. His speech sparks fire within the black community by recounting all the transgressions against them: “…the Negro is the victim of the unspeakable horrors of police brutality” (King). He does not forget to include the white individuals who support the movement by mentioning them in his speech as well. There is an addition of historical events and Bibles
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