Dr. Kirkland's Class Letter Essay

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Hello future 209ers!

This is a letter addressing how I was able to succeed in Dr. Kirkland’s class. This is the first class I have taken that I will be completing with a 3.9 - 4.0, and this is completely do-able for anyone to achieve (without sucking up all your time, energy, and motivation)! To begin, there are 450 points available in this class. In other words, you can miss 27 points throughout the quarter and still get a 4.0. That means that it is imperative to do well when it comes to the “easy points” – that is the lecture participation, section participation, and chapter quizzes. These are some of the things that worked best for me in ensuring a high grade:

Attending every quiz section and lecture section is important, since
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If you don’t get 10/10, then 1) take a picture of all the questions with the answers incase there are any repeats on the second test (there are hardly ever any repeats but it’s better to be over prepared than underprepared), and 2) use the coming week’s lectures to learn from your mistakes, ask questions about the material, and figure out why you’re wrong. The questions on the quizzes will help you prepare for the midterm and final.

For the research paper, make sure to pick a topic you will enjoy researching and learning about, as this will make it so much easier and you will be more motivated to write your paper. You will most likely miss 1 or 2 points each assignment because we’re all still learning and your first draft will evidently not be perfect. I suggest as soon as you get the assignment graded, to take a look at the TA’s notes and fix said mistakes right away. This will save you a lot of time in the end when you have to put all the parts together for your full rough draft and full final draft. The research proposal may seem daunting, but it’s broken down into very manageable parts that only take a few hours to complete. Make sure to use your book to check if you’re doing things right! Pages 507 to 520 are useful when constructing your paper.

There are a ton of resources to use for the exams so take advantage of these while studying! I found that the most effective method to study were re-reading/take notes on the book to

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