Dr. Kurtz And Sherlock Holmes

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Supporting great stories are characters that represent all that is good and egregious in real life. Joseph Conrad illustrates the character of Mr. Kurtz, and Sir Arthur Conan Doyle introduces the character of Sherlock Holmes; both authors creating significant stories in which Mr. Kurtz and Sherlock Holmes grow to become complex characters. As the story progresses, these characters change in ways that bring their personalities to light, allowing one to really understand who they are and what they are made of.
Conrad and Doyle both depict Mr. Kurtz and Sherlock Holmes as powerful characters – almost as if they are more superior to normal people. Similarly, Mr. Kurtz and Sherlock Holmes are the kind of characters people would look up to because of their brilliance and powerful persona. In contrast, Mr. Kurtz is highly liked in the society that he is a part of, while Sherlock Holmes is disliked for his egocentric, personality. Ultimately, there are significant reasons as to why both characters are seen the way they are.
From the short story “Heart of Darkness,” by Joseph Conrad, a character named Mr. Kurtz is introduced through the narration of a man named Marlow. In this frame narrative, Marlow embarks on a journey up to Congo River to meet the remarkable Mr. Kurtz. Similar to Holmes’ character, Mr. Kurtz is described of highly – God-like, powerful, brilliant, and overall a great person. Mr. Kurtz is known as the one who obtains more ivory than everyone else combined. People…
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