Dr. Lauren Gutierrez: The Issues Of Social Work

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The Issues of Social Work Have you ever wondered if you raised your voice and who will it effect, or what difference it will bring into others’ lives? As we learn what social workers go through and what problems they come across while working in this field. Just imagine yourself in that same position, or in a situation where someone comes for help. These three ladies have shown sincerity towards their work and how it has affected them from normal life, to the life of problems that others face in everyday life including: behavior towards others in need, children who are suffering from poverty, not being able to get health plans. The issues of social work are very important for our society to know and how to act upon. An experience of twenty-five years of Social Work and educator, Dr. Lauren Gutierrez explains the issues that have been faced throughout life. Some of the issues that Dr. Gutierrez listed in her essay, Celebrating…show more content…
Gordon claims in her essay, Healthcare Reform, the leading cause for people not being insured is that the budget for the insurance companies have been increased in which the minority is unable to apply because it does not fit their income. Most of these families with no insurance lead to serious damage. Sudden deaths or very bad health conditions which leads them towards expensive care and being unable to pay off that much money back, due to not having insurance. And also the causes of not getting that regular doctor visit. Now how would one be able to afford a regular doctor visit if they have no insurance. There should be plans for healthcare reforms for everyone not just for the people who fit in that budge control. Tying back to Dr. Gutierrez essay to see the changes in effect we need to take a leap towards success in order to accomplish

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