Dr. Lee Vukich As A Youth Leader

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Two authors with years of experience working with youth teamed up to create a book to help other parents of teenagers, teachers, and youth leaders identify disturbing behaviors. Dr. Lee Vukich was a youth pastor for ten years, formerly chaired the Department of Church Ministries at Liberty University, and currently serves as a life coach in the Lynchburg, Virgina area. Dr. Steve Vandergriff served as the Executive Director of Youth for Christ in Alberta, Canada, also served as a youth pastor, and is currently a professor of youth ministries at Liberty University. In their book, “Disturbing Behavior: 53 Alarming Trends of Teens and How to Spot Them”, the authors offer a variety of topics that they, as well as other who have worked with youth, have observed or encountered firsthand. The intent of the authors was two-fold: educate youth workers about the types of disturbing behaviors exhibited by today’s youth and to alert them to the warning signs that are indicators that youth might be engaged in these types of behaviors. The book explains the facts and statistics behind fifty-three of the most disturbing behaviors of teenagers. There is not equal treatment of every behavior, but the authors expand upon the more severe behaviors. The authors present ideas about how to avoid each problem as well as a biblical reference that can be used to encourage the youth.
The book provides excellent guidance for those looking to impact the lives of teenagers. In the
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