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For many of us, jealousy has at one time entered into our thoughts and made us envy others. In C.S Lewis’s novel, Till We Have Faces, he provides a different outlook on how a few of the main characters change throughout the story while trying to cope with their inconspicuous jealousy. Lewis’s story takes place in the kingdom of Glome where the main character, Orual is writing about her experiences with the gods and how they have mistreated her, the whole story is told from her perspective. This novel shows, when we let jealousy control our lives, it can blind us from one 's love and lead us to change negatively therefor fueling our desire to make irrational decisions that can potentially prove to be harmful to not only ourselves but others…show more content…
As Orual matures decides to permanently wear a veil over her face and also takes up swordfighting to cope with Psyche not being there. When her father dies she is named queen. Redival is married off to Trunia of Phars. Orual is haunted by the chains clanking of Psyche, but is in denial that it is her. Part two begins with Redivals past lover telling Orual the truth about how her jealousy made her feel. Orual finishes her writings with an answer that the god do not need to explain the things they do or why, because our minds cannot comprehend that which is on another level. When Orual was searching for her sister Psyche’s remains, she discovers that she is alive and well, while also finding out that she had been married to a god, the shadowbrute. Orual’s reaction is one of jealousy towards the gods as Orual states, “The world had broken in pieces and Psyche and I were not in the same piece--Gods and again god 's, always gods…they had stolen her” (Lewis 120). Orual tries to convince Psyche that she should run away with her, however Psyche wants nothing to do with leaving which infuriates Orual more, “‘Get up, girl,’ I said. ‘Do you hear me? Do as you’re told. Psyche, you’ve never disobeyed me before.’ She looked up (wetter every moment) and said, very

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