Dr Mallard 's Death And How Mrs. Mallard

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1. My initial impression of this work was that it was going to be a story of sadness. The beginning focuses on Brently Mallard’s death and how Mrs. Mallard would deal with this. I also realized that the narrator was an outside-unknown character. This story was narrated in the third person as well.
2. The genre of this selection is fiction.
3. The exposition of the story starts with a husband and wife. The wife loved him at times but still they were together. Her husband has gone off and was believed to apart of the railroad disaster, which was the cause of his death. The rising action of the story is when Mrs. Mallard heard the news of her husband death and the way she would face it. Like the story said “with a paralyzed inability to accept its significance” she was not sure what to think or do. She dealt with the thought that all of the sudden her life changed. She felt something she could not identify coming to her. The climax of the story is when she had realized that she was free. She no longer would live for someone else but instead she would live her life for herself. This idea brought her body a type of joy, and exhilaration she could not describe. The falling action in the story is when the joy was beginning to affect her body too much. It was beginning to make her ill but she went on with this joy. The denouement in the story is when the joy killed her and then a few seconds after her husband came in. She believed that she was free from him cause of his death
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