Dr. Manhattan is Majorly Misunderstood

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Dr. Manhattan's new calculating mind in Watchmen, by Alan Moore and Dave Gibbons, forces him to keep his thoughts on the past, present and future. With all of these thoughts, he has to put aside all the emotions he once felt because his thinking capacity is being used for more important things. He knows that his works is more important than other people. Therefore, he has put aside his feelings for humanity and doesn't care what happens to those around him. It can be concluded that he no longer loves those who were once closest to him. At times, it seems as though he doesn't feel anything at all anymore. His lovers think of him as an emotionless monster. However, even though his thoughts are busy with everything that is going on in all of…show more content…
It is only that his mind can know think in a more sophisticated manner that people misunderstand him because their own minds are not as high-functioning. People also fear his power. They view him as more of a god when he does not even believe that there is one. However, even though the fear that many other people have of him keeps the United States out of war, it was not this fear that ended his relationship with Janey. What caused Janey to leave Jon was his lust for a younger and more attractive new girl who caught his eye. The scene in chapter four when we see him standing at the first, official meeting of the Watchmen is where we see him looking at Laurie. It was this that lead to Janey's jealousy. She used that growing spite to go to the newspaper about her cancer and testifying that it was Jon who had caused it. “Everybody's gonna know what he did”. It is almost as if she is getting back at him for going to this new girl by forcing people to pity her because he gave her cancer. It almost leads one to think if she talking about the cancer or about the girl that he left her for. Still, it is obvious that Jon still feels love. He even still feels love for Janey. His reaction in chapter three at the interview, when he is told that he is giving people cancer, is how we can tell. He begins to heave into emotional imbalance as he shouts out that he just wants to be left alone. That is exactly what ends up happening. He leaves to be alone. His emotions of having just been

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