Dr. Martin Luther King: A Great Public Figure

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Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. possessed these qualities and was a great public figure in the movement towards freedom for all in America. King went to college at the age of fifteen, ordained as a minister at age eighteen, and received his PHD at the age of twenty-six. He grew up in a time that segregated the African Americans from the whites, a place where he thought that all men were free, but truly were not. This caused him to want to stand against these inhuman rights that were being held from the African Americans. He believed in a nonviolent approach may work in order to become a justice system that is equal. Some of his white Americans did not believe in nonviolence towards his protest, so they fought nonviolence with violence. He told the protesters to fight “violence with nonviolence and hate with love” (Dr. Martin Luther King: A Historical Perspective). On August 28, 1963, King gave his infamous “I Have a Dream” speech at the March on Washington in front of tens of thousands of people and viewers at home. He wanted to let the people know the true injustice that was going on during this time. He sympathized with all his listeners, no matter what race they were and acknowledged that some went through a lot in order to see listen to his speech in person. In his speech he mentions his hopes for the future, that one-day things will be different and equal for all.…

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