Dr. Martin Luther King

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Even though Martin Luther King Junior and Mahatma Gandhi both struggled, I think that the charisma in them influenced social change, because of their tactics used, like non-violence. Martin Luther King Junior and Gandhi both functions as charismatic leaders and influenced others with their fascinatingly positive attitudes. It was hard for them to get there message 's and world view 's across but they remained strong and preserved through their struggles, no matter how tough things got. Gandhi transmitted his message without resorting to violence and Martian Luther King Junior learned from Gandhi and shows why non-violence is key. Charisma is the social energy that arches between a leader and a community (Kripal 212). This definition of charisma is better for Martin Luther King Junior. He showed so much charisma in his motivational speeches he gave to huge crowds, some even memorable to this day. Max Weber incorporated both psychological and sociological elements in his definition of charisma (Barnes 1). He defined charisma as a certain quality of an individual 's personality by virtue of which he is set apart from ordinary men and treated as endowed with supernatural, superhuman, or at least specifically exceptional powers or qualities (Barnes 1). Now I wouldn 't say that either of these leaders are supernatural or superhuman, but they do have exceptional qualities that they set the apart from the average individual. Some examples of these qualities would be both had a…

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