Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. And Kevin Connolly : The Individual And Society

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Cheyanne Manivong Dr. Stephanie Capaldo IUF1000 November 6, 2017 The Individual and Society As soon as the individual develops an awareness of personal truth, it’s their job to spread that truth through to make life easier for them and others, even if it means going through difficult obstacles or having to wait. By recognizing the difference between themselves and the people who seem to be rooting against them, the individual is then able to take those differences and unify society, as exemplified by Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. and Kevin Connolly. Individuals develop a sense of self by understanding the differences between themselves and society. It is when they have a sense of self that they can finally develop a sense of purpose within their community to make life better for them and other people. Kevin Connolly developed a sense of self early in his childhood when other curious children would ask questions about his impairment to taunt him. He did it by playing the “What If” game with his mother and coming up with suitable answers that would “defuse further ridicule (24).” By playing, he not only recognized what makes him “different,” but also learned how to deal with how society would react to it. An important part in developing a sense of self is understanding the traits that make you unique and being comfortable with it, which is what Connolly did. He eventually gained his sense of purpose by sharing his photos online with the world to provide another perspective on

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