Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

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Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. left a legacy behind like no man before him; his presence was one that completely reshaped the nation. Through his role in the advancement of civil rights by utilizing non-violent methods, he was able to break down the racial barriers built by prejudice and discrimination. Many of his ideals and principles are timeless. His widespread vision is still applied to resolve many issues in today’s society. The six principals of nonviolence from Dr. King are great tools to resolve many problems like racism, an unequal justice system and a huge financial gap that minorities experience.
There is no simple approach to create a world in which men and women of all distinctive races and backgrounds can live together equally in harmony because of their various viewpoints. If such a world is created in our lifetime, it must be accomplished through nonviolence which fabricates companionship and comprehension. It will be accomplished by persons who have the courage to put an end to suffering by willingly suffering themselves rather than inflict suffering upon others. Prejudice and discrimination can only be solved by dismissing the racism, materialism and brutality that has characterized Western civilization progress. By removing these restraints, society can begin to move in a positive direction of a universe of fellowship, collaboration and peace.
The criminal justice system creates and supports a racial hierarchy in the United States, and has done such
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