Dr. Martin Luther King Jr

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Dr. Martin Luther King Jr 's words on April 3, 1968 at Mason Temple in Memphis Tennessee speaks through the ages and still grips me with an eerie feeling of prophetic conviction. King 's stirring words that night were classical pieces of rhetoric that will be preserved as a place mark for the civil rights movement. When a sick, but yet powerful King bellowed out to the audience "I may not get there with you, but I want you to know tonight that we as a people will get to the promise land!"; he was eerily suggesting that his life may possibly be ending soon but the movement continuing. This part of the speech is moving but yet stirring, and to many of the people in attendance that night, disturbing. Here is this iconic figure telling a packed congregation of weary, yet persistent people that he may not make the journey into the land that produces a brighter day and better opportunities. This likens to the biblical story of Moses. After leading the Children of Israel out of bondage for so long and tirelessly working to get them to the land of Canaan Moses is told by God that he will not be the one to lead them into the "land flowing with milk and honey" and that he will not enter therein at all. It is unnerving to think that Martin knew that his time was at hand. That he had led his people as far as he could lead them. The melancholy mood brought on by the thought of King 's premature death turns into an emotional cry of self- assurance but also a dramatic exhale and a
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