Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

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Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. is a well noted American leader, who is known primarily for his role in the African-American civil rights movement of the 20th century in USA. He is often regarded as a champion of human rights and considered to be not only associated with the cause of racial discrimination against the African-Americans, but also with other social causes relating to injustice, unfairness and discrimination in the American society. He also holds the privilege of being the youngest ever person in the history to have received the prestigious Nobel Peace Prize1. Besides being a well-renowned social activist, he was also a Baptist minister and had a degree in Theology and Divinity2. Since he had such an active and stellar political career, his political and social beliefs and his achievements in those areas have received a lot more attention than his religious beliefs and philosophies that he conformed to. In this article an attempt is made to highlight his religious contributions to the American theology. Martin Luther King was born on 15th January in the year 1929 in the rural parts of the state of Georgia2. His family was deeply rooted in the Christian faith and his father and grandfather, both were associated with the Baptist churches during their lifetime. His grandfather was a minister of a church. After his death, Martin Luther King’s father became a pastor of that church2 3. His familial background was quite modest and had a great influence on his personality
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