Dr. Martin Luther King

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Societal injustice is an ongoing issue that is debated frequently. Specifically, many argue different means of ameliorating societal injustice. The remarkable and influential advocate of the Civil Rights movement, Dr. Martin Luther King, addressed the injustices pertaining to his time period in the mid 1950s and advocated nonviolence as an approach to acquire the equality that society was lacking. Dr. King practiced what he preached and gained an innumerable amount of followers. He was ultimately successful because of his use of nonviolence. Through boycotting, sit-ins, and marches, Dr. King achieved the high regard he has today. Furthermore, Cesar Chavez, labor union organizer and civil rights leader, published an article, “He shows us the way”, on the tenth anniversary of the assassination of Dr. Martin Luther King to recognize the success Dr. King’s accomplishments and further support pacifism. Chavez annihilates all other options, applies rhetorical ethos, logos, and pathos to persuade readers that nonviolent resistance is an unparalleled strategy to achieve civil rights. In the beginning of the article, Chavez addresses violence and refutes it. He analyzes the possible outcomes of violence. In paragraph four of his article, Chavez explicitly states with a forthright tone, “If we resort to violence then one of two things will happen: either the violence will be escalated and there will be many injuries and perhaps deaths on both sides, or there will be total

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