Dr. Martin Luther King 's Principles Of Nonviolence

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Dr. Martin Luther King’s philosophy showed not only Americans but humans in general the necessity to fight for equality and real freedom without hurting those who oppose our points of view. Dr. King’s “Six Principles of Nonviolence” have become a bible for those fighting for the most just causes in the planet and years after his dead his knowledge and ideals still inspiring people from different races, religions and cultures.
In Venezuela a man called Leopoldo Lopez is a living example of the validity Dr. King’s values have in our time. Lopez was the head of a movement to ask for the resignation of Venezuela’s dictator Nicolas Maduro through pacific demonstrations on the street all over the country.
Venezuelans’ response to Lopez’s call was tremendous and thousands of people went out to the streets to reestablish the democracy and the dignity of a country where toilet paper, milk, diapers and other basic goods are a privilege. Maduro’s forces tried to silent the people by using violence. The final results were 43 demonstrators dead, thousands injured and around 1500 arrested including Lopez.
But Lopez arrest was not a normal one. After the first demonstration in Caracas, the government issued an order to detain Lopez. It was not the first time the party in power tried to silent Lopez, he has been a victim of multiple accusations including an order to restrict his right to be elected in any political position. Lopez decided to turn himself in to the authorities in front
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