Dr. Miller 's Heart Of Darkness

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Since the publication of Heart of Darkness, it has been the center of a great deal of controversy that revolves around its depiction of the natives of the continent of Africa at the height of European Imperialism. J. Miller argues that we must first read Heart of Darkness if we are to decide whether or not we should read Heart of Darkness. He also believes that Conrad himself is not racist, but rather he is ironically portraying the prevailing thought in Europe at the time of the novel. Chinua Achebe, however, argues that we do not know if Conrad is being ironically racist or not, but nevertheless his racism is present and is perpetuating the ignorant view that African society is inherently more primitive than that of Europe. This thought has rationalized the Imperialism in Africa and the world for centuries, which makes the novel inherently problematic, especially through his portrayal of African characters in the novella. According to Miller’s criticism, it is up to us whether or not we should read Heart of Darkness, but to decide that, we must first read it. He also insists that Conrad himself is not recounting his own experiences in Africa and his own views on what the African people are like, but rather he is sharing with us what has been brought to his attention. As such, we should look at Heart of Darkness from an unbiased perspective and take it as a literary work of art that is an expression of the view of the narrators of the story who do not necessarily hold
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