Dr. Mortenson Analysis

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From the start, Dr. Mortenson makes it abundantly clear Evolution is preposterous. But in case you are still on the fence about the truth, he uses concrete evidence to display to you the truth of the matter. Throughout the course of two videos, he illustrates to us the absurdity of evolution. In the first, he provides us with a vast amount of evidence to demonstrate evolution is not valid! In the second, Dr. Mortenson guides us through the information that typically flies over our heads, and allows us to be confused and amused by the scientist. So to answer the question, of what evidence does the doctor provide us with to prove his presupposition; we will be focusing on mainly the first video. He first shows us rather than stating they have…show more content…
Following the statement of Paul Davies was the announcement of Stephen Gould, another evolutionist. Earlier in the video, Dr. Mortenson places a significant burden on the evolutionary tree. He then proposes the question of, is there any fossil evidence, supporting the evolutionary tree. In regards to the truth of the tree, Gould declared evolutionist only have enough information and evidence to support the tips of the tree. Still scientist will argue, they possess evidence to prove evolution. But Mortenson provides us with sufficient evidence and countless assertions of evolutionary scientist testify, the fossils scientists have discovered almost identically match their common day ancestors. So the question is clear, how much tangible evidence does evolutionist have? The answer is none! Scientists have no concrete physical evidence to support their claim that evolution is fact. Contrary to that, evolution has fashioned countless physical examples and made numerous assumptions; all of which has been proven to be false. In the end, this supplies us with a crystal clear truth of evolution, and leaves us without any doubt evolution is absolutely
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