Dr Nelson Case Study

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Mid-cycle Review for Officer Daron Nelson
Officer Daron Nelson adjudicates most I Form and N Form types adjudications. He assists at the Info Counter for customer inquiries. He helps with naturalization ceremonies as needed. He is very flexible for changes in schedule when needed. He does not complain, if pulled for interviews during his exam time because he understands the changing demands of our office.
Core Competencies
Communication: Officer Nelson communicates well with his clients during interviews. He projects a calming effect to help them feel at ease. He produces written casework through RFEs and denial type decisions. Although, he has improved from the previous rating year, Officer Nelson needs to review decisions and other casework
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Officer Nelson was given the fraud indicators and he needed to substantiate them during the interview. Our senior IS03 mentored Officer Nelson during the interview and stated that Officer Nelson did a good job.
Officer Nelson is starting to work on separation interviews for possible fraud type cases. He needs to work on his procedures to find and challenge these indicators during the interview. During the monthly case reviews, he has been receiving mentoring about finding fraud indicators in cases in which he missed during the interview. He will be receiving more separation training. Officer Nelson is challenged to start finding fraud indicators on his own.
Quality and Customer Service: Officer Nelson is conscious of his workload and attempts to take care of all of his cases in a timely manner. This rating period, many cases have been over the 30 day benchmark; however, he lost a few exam periods due to work assignment changes. On one adjustment of status case, CPMS clearly showed that the applicant had traveled without an permission and was approved in error. Officer Nelson has been keeping his eSTAT updated with minimum
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