Dr. Pepper/ 7up Case Analysis

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Dr. Pepper/ 7up Case Analysis MKTG 610 Online December 4, 2011 Introduction: Doctors recommend that to stay healthy one should consume about 8-9 cups of fluid a day but in todays world most of those fluid are consumed in form of soft drinks. According to 2000 census “ Americans consumed 53 gallons of soft drinks per person compared with about 47 gallon in 1990” generating about $60.3 billion in sales (Kerin & Peterson, 2011). Soft drink industry is controlled by three large companies, which include Coca-Cola Company, Pepsi Company, and Dr. Pepper/7Up Inc. controlling about 90% of the market share. Coca-Cola is the largest of three companies and produces 5 of 10 top brands with market share of about 44.1%, followed by Pepsi…show more content…
Conclusion: First in show’s main goal is to introduce new form dog food to promote healthy pets at best price, while keeping their reputation among the show-dog market. Looking at the two option Wal-Mart approach seems to be better choice for First in Show, because it will give them the exposure they need while giving them freedom to expand if they chose to do so in the future. Internal Strengths and Weaknesses SWOT | Sales Force | Marketing Mix | Advertising | R/D | Segmentation | Offerings | Internal Strengths | One of the Leading brand in grapefruit flavored soft drink. | Popular among the multicultural young adults.Eight largest carbonated soft drink brand in Mexico. | Advertising can leverage the popularity of Squirt in Mexico to attract Hispanic consumers (largest minority group in United states) | Multicultural groups prefer citrus drinks over cola products thus research supports the popularity of Squirt in Mexico. | Can use current Dr Pepper/ 7up suppliers to expand the market, by providing them incentives. | Own two of the leading soft drink brands in united states, thus they can easily assimilate in new market. | Internal Weaknesses | Market is well saturated with competitor products that appeal more to young adults. | Cola brands have bigger market share, thus aggressive advertising campaign is

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