Dr Pepper/7up, Inc. Squirt Brand: Case Analysis

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Case Recap This case describes the various aspects of carbonated soft drink industry and the focuses on Squirt’s annual advertising and promotion plan in 2001. Squirt is a brand under the Dr Pepper/Seven Up, inc. The brand manager was concerned about the market targeting and product positioning and consulted advertising agency, Foote, Cone & Belding. The case also focuses on the entire industry structure and the marketing techniques used by the various leading companies so the Squirt’s annual advertising and promotion plan can be successful, and proper techniques to be used to target the growing Hispanic community in the markets where Squirt was popular. . The main aspect for the marketing planning for the brand, Squirt, is to focus on…show more content…
 Popular producer of grapefruit soft drink  Owns 2 brands out of top 10 Weakness  Smaller advertising budget  Smaller market share  Competition within the carbonated drink categories, as well as other categories such as water and sport drinks. Opportunities  Expanding Hispanic population would increase sales of Squirt  Intention to enrolling into a new market in other countries to expand the market share Threats  Customers have bargain power in the market since soft drink is an elastic product which is not necessary for daily life.  Competitor’s strategic which advertises a lot to maintain market share  The major brand competitors such as Mellow Yellow and Mountain Dew are spending large sums of budget on advertising and increase their market share. Evaluation of Alternatives One of the alternatives for Squirt is to reinforce the marketing strategies. They should consistently advertise their carbonated grapefruit soft drink in United States for long period of time, which will lead to high brand awareness and loyalty. The budget spend on advertising by Squirt is less than the competitors’ budget. Squirt should also use their budget towards making their advertising more appealing to the targeted age group, research and development process to achieve higher quality standard for their product. Also further research and development is recommended by Foote, Cone & Belding to compete with their competitors such as Coca-Cola and

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