Dr Pepper Industry Analysis

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ASSIGNMENT – PART 3 DEVELOP AND IMPLEMENT A NEW STRATEGY AND ASSESS ITS FINANCIAL VIABILITY This assignment has three parts: PART-3(A): SELECT A NEW STRATEGY PART-3(B): DEVELOP AN IMPLEMENTATION PLAN PART-3(C): CONFIRM FINANCIAL VIABILITY OF THE PLAN PART-3(A) SELECTING A NEW STRATEGY In the previous steps, you evaluated the current fit in the company and, in doing so, highlighted the major issues/problems faced by the firm. Your task now is to generate and evaluate possible solutions. Given your previous work, you probably have a number of ideas of what the company “could do”. Note that this is very different from what they “should do”. Following the process outlined below will help you move from generic “coulds” to justifiable…show more content…
If these are not available, there could be a delay in introduction to market. Core Activities Other Company Activities or Actions 2. ORGANIZATION AND ANALYSIS OF DATA With all the ideas on the table, you now need to sort through and organize them into at least two viable strategic proposals (you are welcome to do more than two if you want). For each proposal, you need to document the followings: a. Describe the specific changes in strategic components being recommended b. Clearly explain how and why you believe the proposal addresses the major issues/problems facing the company c. Describe, in general, the changes to the current capabilities that need to be made so that the firm can successfully implement its new strategy d. Finally, you must identify (at least broadly) the impact that all these changes would have on both the revenues and expenses of the company. . Note: While there can be some overlap in the two proposals, they need to be unique in substantive ways. Proposal-1 Power DR= New product: Dr.Pepper inspired soft drink with an added boost of long lasting energy A. For DPSG to successful develop and introduce a new product to the market several changes in the strategic components will be needed. The market focus strategy will need to be updated so it can accommodate the demands of a product in the energy drink sector. The product strategy will also be in need of revision. Energy drinks are priced at a

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