Dr Pepper Snapple Group Marketing Plan

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Dave A Johnson Marketing 450 Marketing Decision Making Process Dr Pepper Snapple Group Marketing Plan Professor: Richard Farrell August3, 2014 Dr Pepper Snapple Group Marketing Plan Introduction Generally, many new products fail after their introduction in the market (Bamford, 2010). There are many reasons that can be attributed to their failure. Companies often fail to do enough research, or even ignore the results of their research. Sometimes the distribution or pricing channels are inappropriate. Additionally, the advertising may not communicate the main…show more content…
As a matter of fact, differentiation adds the variety that enhances the lives of the buyers. Product differentiation is achieved in three ways: physical differences, perceived differences, and support services. Physical differences exist when the product of one company is physically different from the product of other firms. On the other hand, perceived differences arise from differences that are perceived by buyers, for example, brand name and advertising (Bamford, 2010). Support services results from products that are physically identical and perceived to be similar but are differentiated through support services. The best way to differentiate the new product is through physical differences. Dr Pepper should try to differentiate the product through chemical composition, size, shape, colour, and taste. The energy drink industry is very competitive. New products can only penetrate the market if there are physical different from the existing products, especially when it comes to taste. Optimal Product Line A product line is a group of related products that are manufactured by the company. The best way for the company to expand its operations is by adding to its existing product line. An optimal product line is one that generates maximum revenue at minimum costs. In the case of the new beverage, I will recommend the company to have one product line that has

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