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In response to Edward’s requests to have once again sexual intercourse, Harry responds, “I do, but it’s a sin and a crime and it’s also wrong” (25). Harry clearly is aware that his non-normative identity must be oppressed in order to survive in a rigid and conservative era. And also to eschew being marginalized and degraded in a society that does so when an individual is not homogenous nor adheres to the standard guidelines of public behavior. The truth is that is was difficult to survive economically without an unsullied reputation. Indeed, aside from being a “disease,” it was illegal and even a crime to be homosexual or have other sexual preferences that did not adhere to what was considered normative at that time. Additionally, Harry involves religion in his argument of why it is considered wrong for Edward and him to have sex. During the Victorian era, religion, Christianity to be specific, highly influenced the way people behaved. The form religion influences and affects Edward’s views, produces him to think he is immoral only because he refers to his own homosexuality as a “sin.” The influences from normative identified people, who regard homosexuality as a sinful, can affect the minds of those who possesses non-normative sexual desires. Harry admits to Edward that he does want to be involved in sexual acts with another male, nevertheless, the normative thinking does have an effect on the non-normative, leading them to try to change and conceal who they truly are. The
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