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Leadership and motivation
Dr. R. Earl Thomas

Summary This report examines the subject of leadership. The objective is to outline the need for leadership skills in team operations. This goal is comprised of the three sections. The first examines the role of a project leader, such as external and internal facilitation. In external facilitation, focus is on negotiation and liaison with clients, top management, the public, and other stakeholders. In internal facilitation, the leader is expected to engage with project teams in planning, solving problems, and providing strategic direction to achieve all project goals.
The second section
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It may be necessary for different project teams to be led in different ways depending on the tasks that they are handling as well as their position.
The aim of this report is to investigate three areas of relevance to leaders’ attempts to achieve excellence in providing strategic direction to project teams. The first section examines the role of a project leader. The second section explores the position of a project leader in the context of the project. The last section examines aspects of project execution in terms of the leader’s ability to address the needs of members of the team.
The Project Leader

External Facilitation: The Project, The Organization, and The Public
Leadership can easily determine success or failure of a project. Leading project teams is very difficult. The project leader must confront situations where different expectations of his abilities are being expressed openly. This leaves the project leader with a lot of explaining to do regarding his responsibilities. Such clarification may go a long way in improving project outcomes. The project leader must create harmony between the team and other departments of the organization. This demonstrates how critical the leadership role can be not just for project teams but also for the entire organization. To understand the role of project leaders, it may be necessary for one to examine studies that have focused on leaders operating at the supervisory level as well as those operating at higher
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