Dr. R. Jesse Tuck

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Ninety years have flown by since Winnie Foster first met the immortal Tucks in the woods. Jesse tuck now 194 years old, went in search to find his beloved Winnie Foster. If Winnie had drunk from the magical spring, she would still be alive today. Jesse was feeling distressed, he couldn’t stop thinking about whether or not Winnie drunk from the spring. If she hadn’t drunk the water it would be hard for Jesse to find someone who will be with him forever. Jesse was talking to a man at a restaurant and he had said that the woods where the spring lied had been bulldozed. If the man was telling the truth, this meant that no other girl would be able to live forever with Jesse Tuck. As Jesse left the restaurant on his motorcycle, he then arrived at the house Winnie Foster once lived in. As he made his way to the backyard he saw a gravestone under a tree. Jesse was startled to see a young girl approach the gravestone to lay flowers, he jumped behind a tree but he still caught the eye of the young girl. She had long, thick, wavy brown hair just like Winnie did. Her sparkling blue eyes and golden skin made Jesse wonder if that was his love Winnie Foster. Jesse came out from behind the tree and ran up and hugged the young girl. “Winnie I found you!” Jesse said relived “Umm… sorry sir, my name is Aggie. Who are you?” The young girl replied “Sorry. Allow me to introduce myself, my name is Jesse Tuck. I’m looking for a girl named Winnie Foster” Jesse questioned “Have you seen her?’’

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