Dr. Randall K. O’Bannon’S Winter Of 2013 Article “40 Years:

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Dr. Randall K. O’Bannon’s winter of 2013 article “40 Years: Planned Parenthood Becomes Abortion Empire” published on the National Right to Life News website was another voiced opinion added to the debate of the controversial funding of Planned Parenthood. As director of education and research at National Right to Life Center (NRLC) and an active member of Manassas Assembly of God Church, O’Bannon has made his audience aware of his knowledge and passion of the subject, and has written many other articles concerning Planned Parenthood (PPFA), its services, and its subjective data. He does not support the organization or its funding by the government. Throughout the article, O’Bannon shames PPFA’s hopes to remain in business by normalizing…show more content…
By pressing the idea of abortion as more of a human right, PPFA rallies people into believing that they are solely concerned with the individual’s right to choose. And how could one not support an organization that believes in carrying out these basic human rights held in our Constitution? O’Bannon rebuttals. O’Bannon brings up that Planned Parenthood relies much on their abortion services. Although the organization has claimed to only spend 3% of their annual expenses on abortions, this only includes the expenses from only the major step itself and not all the preparation steps one must go through before the abortion (O’Bannon). The preparation steps including STD tests, pregnancy tests, and providing consultant of other pregnancy options, but are accounted for under a different category when PPFA adds up their annual expenses (“Four steps to Take Before Having an Abortion”). Switching the category under which they name their expenses is misleading to the public eye and makes their involvement on abortion seem insignificant, when it is one of the main service offered that may be keeping them in business. By adding this misleading data into his article, O’Bannon proves his concern for justice and truth, and also brings people to doubt other facts given by PPFA. O’Bannon makes the claim that in recent years, Planned Parenthood has closed many of its smaller businesses who had offered a limited range of services (ones not

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