Dr Reinlib Case Study

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Angie, I am reaching out to you for a courtesy pre-view on a domestic sponsor trip Dr. Reinlib is planning for October 07, 2016. All the necessary documentation is attached for your review so please tell me I if I need anything more. As well, here are some issues or concerns I see that mandate comments or suggestions from you. First, issue, the sponsor is willing to paid $450.00 for airfare, but Dr. Reinlib wants to travel via POV. Since POV mileage is 5,000 the most advantageous to the Government is roundtrip airfare pricing at $670.14. Consequently, can I use the information from City Pair to determine what Dr. Reinlib will be reimbursed or must I obtain an official quote from Omega to show you the airfare cost? Asking because I am not
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