Dr. Richard Dawkins : Wolf With False Teeth

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Dr. Richard Dawkins: Wolf with False Teeth

Dr. Richard Dawkins, evolutionary biologist and an Oxford don, has written articles and popular books critical of Christianity, such as The Blind Watchmaker and The Devil’s Chaplain. In fact, he is the host of a BBC documentary series entitled, The God Delusion (changed from the original series title, The Root of All Evil), in which he argues, as he does in his identically titled book, that humankind would be much better off without a belief in God.

Though his writings have enjoyed public acclaim, Dawkins fails as an effective critic of Christianity for three basic reasons. First, the Christian faith he criticizes is a poorly drawn caricature of the real thing. Second, his critical arguments consistently fail to pass the rigor of logical analysis. Third, Dawkins refuses to take counter argument seriously, dismissing critics without responding to criticism that even his supporters recognize as legitimate. These qualities disqualify Dr. Dawkins as a serious opponent of Christianity.

Dawkins describes what he takes to be Christian faith in a way that demonstrates a thorough lack of any serious study of Christian history or doctrines, as if his prejudices about faith constitute scholarly understanding. For example, Dawkins claims that faith means accepting a belief without proof. No serious Christian scholar would agree that Christian doctrine recommends such a foolhardy approach to belief. Yet Dawkins insists upon this…
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