Dr. Ron Crandall's Philosophy Of Discipleship, Leadership, And Church Growth

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Dr. Ron Crandall holds a doctoral degree in Pastoral Theology from Fuller Theological Seminary. He retired in 2008 from Ashbury Theological Seminary in Kentucky, where he was a professor of evangelism and practical theology. He has served as an Elder in the United Methodist Church and is now the Executive Director of ABIDE. ABIDE the program that he helped come up with to revitalize churches. Crandall has researched and written in the areas of evangelism, leadership, and church growth. He is best known for WITNESS: Learning to Share Your Christian Faith, and Turnaround And Beyond: A Hopeful Future for Small Membership Churches.
Statement of Purpose Crandall has researched and collected data from various churches that have experienced revitalization and renewal. He believes that the best way to learn how to turnaround a small church is to learn from those who have been part of such an experience. Turnaround And Beyond is intended to provide practical principles insights of renewal from those who have experienced it.
Book Summary Turnaround And Beyond consist of eight chapters that are intended to provide the reader with practical insights and principles from men and women who have led their congregations through renewal. Crandall stresses the importance of leadership right from the start. It is implied that a successful renewal is dependent on how well a congregation is led throughout the process. He analyzes principles from the business world, the Bible, and Church

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