Dr. Ronald M. Boggio Essay

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Dr. Ronald M. Boggio, Ph.D., a licensed clinical psychologist, was the one that Allen (the client) was referred to by the Virginia Department of Corrections (as required by Code 37.1-70.4 (C)), for an evaluation report in which he conducted and completed. Dr. Boggio, was also an expert witness testifying for the Commonwealth of Virginia. Under Multiple Relationships which both covered by APA code of ethics sub-category 3.05 and Specialty Guidelines code 4.02; that he should have refrain from entering into multiple relationship if it could reasonably be expected to impair his objectivity, in performing his duty as a psychologist. Dr. Boggio is involved in a personal or other relationship with an adverse party; at the same time is in a professional relationship with his client. Furthermore, he should be careful to observe his professional relationship with his patient and how it will affect the case as well as his professional relationship with his patient that he will testify against. Dr. Boggio should have considered adhere to the code presented in 3.04 of Avoid Harm before he thought of getting involved as an expert witness against his patient. He should have considered Conflict of Interest (3.06) with his patient. He violated the Specialty Guidelines, sub-category Impartiality and Fairness (1.02), stated that forensic practitioners should be unbiased and impartial in the information they provided as professionals including unfairly bias the results of the

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