Dr. Schlobotnik Evidence Of The Miracle Memory Device

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Dr. Schlobotnik evidence is in fact based on pseudoscience. The first clue that displays this is the actuality that this man used testimonials instead of having multiple experiments to see what is actually occurring in a person’s brain, while going under this process. Although these testimonials sound factual, they are still considered un-acceptable and also lack in certain resources concerning scientific research. Also, Dr. Schlobotnik tries to combine particular scientific knowledge with claims that were unfounded. Dr. Schlobotnik quotes, “the device produced a unique electrical field that activates Neurons in the cerebellum, which in turn stimulates memories.” This is true activity that goes on in the brain, but scientific evidence does not prove that the miracle memory device is a cause of it. Moreover, Dr. Schlobotnik has no falsifiable claims such as stating that some users have reports of having vivid memories from their childhood. This account could be true; however, could this be proven? This person could have clearly pictured their childhood memories prior to using the miracle memory device; therefore, it would be pretty difficult to determine whether or not this claim is true. Also, Dr. Schlobotnik used what is known in the pseudoscience world as a “confirmation bias”. Instead of basing his theory off multiple studies he used a single study that best supported his claim. He did not really make room for trial and error to occur, nor did he use converged

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