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Sergio is a Spanish man in his late 30s, and he had black hair. His dream was to go to El Clasico which was a soccer match against FC Barcelona and Real Madrid, but he didn’t have enough money because some thieves robbed his house during nightfall. Since he was very slow at running he could only play golf. He tried playing golf, and he did extremely well. He signed up for a golf league in Granada, Spain. The very first match he got a score of -2 and was ranked number 2. There were seven matches left, and if he got first place in all the following matches, he would get to go to the U.S. Open. When he practiced golf, he accidentally fell in the water. Sergio got a major concussion, and the police took him to the hospital. The total cost of the hospital was 750 Euros. After he payed the bill of 750 Euros, he only had 500 Euros left. He played his second match and had gotten a score of -5 and was ranked number 1. Sergio was 1-1. Since he won, he got 125 Euros. He spent it on a premium golf club that was like a golden golf club because it lasted for a long time and was as strong as gold too. This golf club was guaranteed to win all his golf matches. He won the next six golf matches and got to play in the U.S. Open. He…show more content…
He arrived just in time to watch the game. FC Barcelona scores 4 goals and shutouts Real Madrid to win. Sergio’s meningitis was cured at the ninetieth minute of the match. Sergio had a speech of his lifetime in Barcelona. His speech was,’’Thanks to FC Barcelona I have been cured, and I have learned to not do mean things just because my team or my favorite team lost.’’ His speech went viral on Youtube. He has been awarded the Medal of Freedom in the U.S.A.. Sergio wanted to climb a mountain. He climbed the mountain. He was so elated he accidentally fell of the mountain and tumbled all the way down to the road. He was dead. A funeral was set up for him in the, capital of Spain, Madrid. Everyone in Spain came to the
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