Dr. Seuss Changed the Lives of All Children

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It was March 2, 1904 in Springfield, Massachusetts. A baby boy was born; a boy that one day changed the world for all children. That boy was Theodor Seuss Geisel, mostly known as Dr. Seuss. His mother and father, Henrietta and Theodore Geisel, called him Ted. Theodor became a writer, poet, and cartoonist. His work had a revolutionary impact on children’s literature and changed the way children learned to read. “As a young bot Theodor began drawing many pictures. He was always drawing strange-looking people and animals on his school books.” (Wheeler 6) His father would take him to the local park and zoo, where he loved to go and sketch pictures of all the animals. His mother would sing and read stories to him and his older sister Marnie. As he grew older his imagination continued to grow and he continued to draw and create stories. After high school, in 1921, he started college at Dartmouth to be a professor. He would draw cartoons for the college magazine, and he began signing his work with the name Seuss. In 1925 he graduated at Dartmouth and enrolled at Oxford University where he met a young woman named Helen Palmer. After two years he dropped out of Oxford and moved back to the United States., but not without his friend Helen. “She encouraged him to give up teaching and become an artist.” (Adil 11) After leaving England in early 1927, he and Helen moved to New York and were married there later that year. While in New York, he worked on drawing cartoons and his first one
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