Dr. Seuss Once Said “It Is Better To Know How To Learn

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Dr. Seuss once said “it is better to know how to learn than to know.” My main goal as a teacher is not to make them learn the subject, although that is essential, but to teach them how to learn. My 8th grade class is a diverse group that comes from a complex society. There are differences among the district, state, learning styles of the students, home structure, and the readiness of the students all that need to be addressed within my classroom. Before I address the differences in demographics, performance scores, and the students themselves, I will describe the community that influences the students. The middle school is placed in a small urban town called Arkansas City. It is in southern Kansas just twenty minutes north of the…show more content…
73% of these kids are on free and reduced lunches. These percentages seem to be reflected relatively all throughout the district with a few fluctuations in the economically disadvantaged category. The students in Ark City, as a whole, struggle mostly with math. However, this struggle seems to span across the entirety of the state. According to KSDE, 41% of students scored below average in math, 33% meet the standards, and 19% exceed standards at the state level. In the districts, those numbers change to 42%, 36%, and 18%. The Middle School itself reflects the same percentages even at the eighth grade level. As for English, 25% of students are below average, 45% meets standards, and 25% exceed standards. District 470’s performance scores rise in the amount of kids scoring below average and average. So according to the results from KSDE, both Math and English skills need to be addressed in multiple classroom settings. My students specifically have a wide range of issues both in the classroom setting and outside of it. There is diversity in ethnic backgrounds which means I need to ensure that everyone is accepting and respectful of that. Several of the students have varying home structures including single parents, blended families, working parents, and those living with grandparents. Also, there are several students with learning disabilities who struggle to read and some who are gifted and read above grade

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