Dr. Seuss Short Biography

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Dr. Seuss was an amazing author and illustrator. He was also so much more. Dr. Seuss was born March 2, 1904 in Springfield, MA. His parents named him Theodor Seuss Giesel. His mother's name was Henrietta Seuss Giesel. His father's name was Theodor Rober Giesel. Dr. Seuss had one sibling, who was a sister. His sister's name was Marnie Giesel.
Growing Up with Friends and Family Dr. Seuss spent his childhood growing up in Springfield, MA. He spent most of his childhood at Springfield Park, where families can fish, picnic, and play in the summer. In the winter, they would ice skate on the lake. At Springfield Park, they had mazes and bicycle paths. These delighted the young Theodor. Some of his memories of where he grew up can be found in
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He became chief editor of Jack-O-Lantern, a humor magazine. That didn’t last long though, because he and some of his college friends threw a drinking party and he was suspended from school. After that, he started signing his work as Seuss. He called it ‘’Seuss Pseudonym.’’ He attended Oxford University in England to please his father. He got bored of his studies and went and toured Europe. Dr. Seuss decided to move back to the U.S and started his career as a cartoonist. One company that published some of Dr. Seuss's works was the Saturday Evening Post. Dr. Seuss also then started making advertisements. One of Dr. Seuss's funniest ads was a mosquito busting a hole through a woman's tiny flower decorated hat. This ad helped jump start his career as a commercial artist. For 15 years, he made advertisements for a company named Standard Oil. Dr. Seuss met a wonderful woman named Helen Palmer and eventually got married in…show more content…
Seuss finished Horton Hatches an Egg, Benet Cerf contacted Dr. Seuss to publish it. Cerf had heard of Dr. Seuss, but had never seen him as a real person. After he saw Dr. Seuss's other work, he fell immediately in love with it. After it was published, it was an immediate success. At age 36, he definitely knew this is what he wanted to do. New York Times said, “It’s hilarious, and very unique.” Dr. Seuss had so much money he and Helen went to California for a vacation. They ended up buying a two acre hillside lot with a wonderful ocean view. The lot overlooked La Jallo Beach and a tennis club. They were going to build a small ranch house but it would have cost way too much. He then went back to work. After 9 years of marriage, Dr. Seuss and Helen had already traveled in Europe, the Middle East, Latin America and many others. This was all possible because they had no responsibility. At one point, he was traveling on a boat and working. He had to stop because a huge summer storm hit. Cerf was willing to pay for Dr. Seuss to come back to New York. Dr. Seuss took that opportunity and went back to New York. Cerf convinced Dr. Seuss to make an adult book which wasn’t too hard. The book was called The Seven Lady’s of Godiva. This was published in 1939. It was sold for 25 cents a book, but it sold out and the profits for Dr. Seuss were $100.88. That was a lot back
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