Dr. Seuss' The Butter Battle Book and the Cold War Essay

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Dr. Seuss' The Butter Battle Book and the Cold War

Dr. Seuss is an important figure in the lives of children everywhere. His stories are children’s classics that are fun to read and also tackle some real life issues. Dr. Seuss’s political views are very apparent in his some of his books like The Butter Battle Book, which discusses the issues of the Cold War.

In The Butter Battle Book, two groups, the Zooks and the Yooks, are at odds with the way they butter their bread. One group, the Zooks, have their bread butter side down. The Yooks have their bread butter side up. In this book they are at a point where the “crisis” has reached its peak. Each group has come up with weapon after weapon to keep the other group out. Both groups
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An “iron curtain” of Communism spread over Eastern Europe as the post-World War II world tried to re-build Germany and Easter Europe. As the dictator Joseph Stalin sealed off the Eastern Bloc, the rest of Europe began to re-build under a democratic rule. This re-building continued and the USSR continued to keep their “totalitarian” hold on the East. As the Cold War continued the battle that was being fought soon became the battle between the two world super powers. This led to many conflicts and continued up until finally in 1989 the Berlin Wall was taken down reuniting Western and Eastern Germany and bringing down the “iron curtain“ that shaded the East from freedom.

The Butter Battle Book puts a simplistic view in the real conflict of the Cold War. Dr. Seuss makes the “battle” out to be as simple as the way someone butters their bread. In reality the conflict was about the freedom of millions of people and the nuclear arms race. In an article from The New Republic, the author outlines a few key differences. First off, the conflict was about something that is quite a bit more important than the side we butter our bread on. It involved the freedom of millions. Second, the wall that is in the book between the two groups grew on its own. The wall in the Cold War was built to keep the West out of the Communist Bloc. The final thing is that in the book the opposing groups do not seem to want to force their buttering habits onto the other side. During the Cold War, both

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