Dr. Seuss’S Long-Lasting Message Surpasses Written Words

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Dr. Seuss’s Long-Lasting Message Surpasses Written Words Alone Well-written and inspirational literature not only has the ability to carry a reader into another world but they are able to accomplish this feat while simultaneously delivering deep messages that surpass the written text. Children’s literature is sometimes overlooked in terms of reaching these standards and being considered worthy of critical analysis; this genre is often perceived as having juvenile storylines and concepts portrayed through simplistic language. However, the common writing styles in children’s literature, often being either illustrated books or picture-books, offer the genre with a unique opportunity to achieve deep themes and messages through the dynamic…show more content…
Older readers focus often times on “the timeless message of ecological preservation,” an intense warning embedded in this classic book that is widely hailed as “the beginning of the environmentalist movement” in literature (Hahn 102). Through the extinction of the Truffula Trees which ultimately results in the utter destruction of the Lorax’s and other creatures’ habitats in the story, Dr. Seuss creates an easily understandable “allegory of our own declining ecological situation” (Hahn 103). Dr. Seuss’s illustrations perfectly complement the narrative in The Lorax; he meticulously “created every rough sketch, preliminary drawing, final line drawing, and finished work for each page of every project he illustrated” to both reflect and further explain the text (Illustration Art). The Lorax demonstrates his “ability to move a storyline ahead via illustrations filled with tension, movement, and color,” a talent which has “became a hallmark of his children’s literature” (Illustration Art). Dr. Seuss’s attentiveness to detail is clear from the amount of effort placed into creating his illustrations, as he “created specially numbered color charts and intricate color callouts to precisely accomplish his vision for each book” and make every page pop with excitement and life (Illustration Art). Because Dr. Seuss intended to create an entertaining and lasting learning
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